Our Infant Room serves children who are six weeks old until they begin walking. Infants receive care from a Primary Caregiver and Aides at a four to one ratio.  All staff are trained in Safe Sleep procedures and have current Infant and Adult CPR/First Aid.

In the Infant room, it is our goal to meet the individual needs of your child so that they can grow into their own unique self.  This room follows two schedules depending on age and development.  Babies who are on their own schedules will be fed, diapered and given attention according to their needs.  We provide a wide range of age appropriate activities; swings, mats, jumpers, and a roomful of toys!  Babies are engaged in hand games, singing, taking walking steps and learning beginning words.  We also teach our babies a few signs in ASL to help them communicate their needs to us as they grow.  All infants have a detailed daily record of their day, including what they ate, how they napped, and diaper changes.  Infants are provided Kirkland formula, or parents may bring their own formula or breast milk.  A fridge and freezer are available to store labeled breast milk.  Our center encourages mothers to visit to breastfeed as well.  Older infants are provided a wide range of food as per the monthly menu for the center. Infants who are old enough to drink cow’s milk will be served whole milk.  For older babies, as they need, we help them adapt to a schedule for transition.  This includes our center schedule for meals and nap time. Babies who are at least one year of age and are walking comfortably will begin their transition to the Waddler Room. 

A baby will make love stronger, days shorter, nights longer, bankroll smaller, home happier, clothes shabbier, the past forgotten, and the future worth living for.”