Our Waddler Room serves children from one to two years of age. Toddlers receive care from a lead teacher and assistant teachers at a four to one ratio. Toddler specific skills are reinforced throughout the year. We work on words and some simple sign language to help them communicate their needs. The waddlers develop their social, emotional, and physical skills as we offer a wide variety of play centers, activities, and projects. The children spend time outside, weather permitting, in their own developmentally appropriate play yard. Waddlers enjoy the full range of healthy food from our menu. Due to new state licensing standards, we are transitioning our room to accommodate eight older waddlers in their own classroom on one side, and twelve younger waddlers on the other. This will also allow us to better serve your child's needs, including the option of potty training on our older side. We send home a daily report of your child's day including how they ate, how they slept, and any other activities or special notes. 

When I approach a child, he
inspires in me two sentiments:
tenderness for what he is,
and respect for what he may
— Louis Pasteur